Venous Eczema Treatment

Best Acupuncture Treatment protocol for Venous Eczema

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment for Venous Eczema

The main cause of Venous Eczema is poor circulation of blood in leg veins. The patient experience swollen legs & feet, chronic non-healing wounds accompanying with Intensely Itchy, Pigmented & Reddish skin.

Acupuncture helps increase the tone of veins that return the blood from lower part of the legs. The wastes and toxins are washed off with blood flow and swelling is reduced. The cells are oxygenated which helps in wound healing, relief of itching. The pigmentation and thickening are significantly improved and normal skin texture is restored.

Venous Eczema or Stasis Dermatitis usually develop in elderly people with poor blood circulation in leg veins. Leg veins carry back the blood away from the legs. Poor flow causes stasis of blood in leg tissue which further blocks the fresh supply of blood to the leg. Blood stasis leads to the accumulation of metabolic wastes and toxins in legs. The skin cells do not get enough oxygen and get damaged.

The rashes of venous eczema usually start as swelling in the ankle as blood collects here due to poor circulation and then it spreads to involve the foot and calf. The patient experience swollen legs & feet, chronic non-healing wounds, itchy & reddish skin.

Symptoms of venous eczema include

  • Deeply pigmented hard and thickened skin
  • Red and scaly skin
  • Intense itching and scaling in the skin
  • Ulcers and non-healing wounds

Symptoms of venous insufficiency include leg swelling, calf pain and heaviness in the legs.